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Launched by the Tees Valley Mayor in May 2018, Tees Valley Careers.com is an ambitious £3 million initiative, which is the first of its kind in the UK.

It will target 100,000 young people in Tees Valley and will see every school and college in the area work with local businesses to help shape and deliver careers and enterprise.

The aim is to have over 1,000 businesses engage with 11-18-year-olds to directly inform them of job opportunities and career information with the aim of each child receiving seven direct and meaningful employer engagements.  This direct contact can help build a young person’s confidence and could even help lead to future employment.

Research shows that pupils that receive four or more meaningful engagements with employers between the ages of 11-16 years are 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education, employment and training and on average earn 22% more.

The initiative is led by the Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, and the Tees Valley Combined Authority which is working hard to ensure young people in the region have the skills they need to flourish and undertake successful and rewarding careers.

Inspiring Our Future Strategy

The Combined Authority has produced a new Education, Employment and Skills Strategy, “Inspiring Our Future”, which outlines plans to build the skills that are needed for a modern economy and forward thinking Tees Valley.

Find out more about the Inspiring Our Future Strategy


Employers influencing careers of the future in Tees Valley

We aim to achieve more than 1,000 employers working with young people and schools to improve careers education and ensure young people are prepared for the world of work. Creating a ready, skilled and available workforce will support business growth and sustainability.

How employers can get involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved such as providing us with information about your business and potential job roles as well as letting us know about any mentoring opportunities that you can make available for a young person. You could also let us know if you’d like to attend any careers/jobs fairs and we could put you in touch with a local school or college if you’d like to present ideas about hosting extended work experience. There is an option for every employer!

Contact us today to find out more about how you can help shape a young person’s future and make a positive difference – there could be some great benefits for your business too! You can also take a look at upcoming events below which may be of interest to your business.


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Tees Valley Skills & STEM Event 2018

What is the event?

Now in its 7th year, previous Tees Valley Skills Events have engaged with over 12,000 young people to date.

The purpose of the event is to promote the wide range of employment and learning opportunities that are available to young people in Tees Valley, aged 14- 18.

Last year’s event welcomed over 2,000 young people from over 35 local schools, colleges and learning establishments who engaged with over 30 individual employers.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get direct advice from employers in various sectors.

This years’ event took place in July at Teesside University, keep checking back for details about next years’ event

Find out more about attending the event as a school, employer or learning provider

Enterprise Adviser Network

What is the Enterprise Adviser Network?

The Tees Valley Enterprise Adviser Network is an excellent initiative that helps local employers forge links with schools and colleges, so that they can work together to better prepare young people for the world of work.

The network is part of the national Careers & Enterprise Company initiative and is managed at a local level by Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The programme recruits volunteer Enterprise Advisers from local businesses to work directly with the schools and colleges to support the development of their careers strategies and most importantly, EA’s help schools and colleges develop activities that will inspire young people to make the best career choices possible.

Enterprise Advisers enjoy really rewarding benefits, and they can really help to make a positive and direct impact on the future workforce of Tees Valley.

Find out more about becoming an Enterprise Adviser

What we’re providing for School & Colleges in the Tees Valley

We provide a range of information for local educational establishments as part of the Framework for careers education including resources such as a Careers Toolkit for schools and information on Apprenticeship options for your learners in Tees Valley.


Take a look below at our Resources section which will be kept up to date with any information that you may find useful.


We want you to provide you with the information you need, so our resources section is where you can find downloadable information, videos and more.


Take a look at our Careers Videos – Find out more about having a career in one of the Tees Valley’s key industries.


More resources and tools will be updated shortly, so please do check back in with us soon.

Download the Tees Valley Careers Toolkit

Download the Apprenticeship IAG Booklet

Download the National Careers Week Guide

Information for Pupils, Parents & Guardians

In England, the government has raised the participation age so that all young people are now required to continue in full-time education, training or employment with training, including an apprenticeship until at least their 18th birthday. The options are:

To gain more information on Apprenticeships click here

We will shortly be publishing a booklet via all schools to provide pupils and parents/guardians with the full range of options that are available in Tees Valley.

Information for Service Providers

If you’re a Tees Valley service provider you can be featured as part of our Tees Valley Careers Toolkit which is accessed by a wide range of educational providers. If you’d like to be featured then please complete the enquiry form so that your services can be accessed by wide range of Tees Valley based schools and colleges.


News & Events


Upcoming events

Tees Valley Skills & STEM Event 2018 

The Tees Valley Skills and STEM Event is a highly interactive and practical event for schools designed to better promote the wide range of employment and learning prospects available to young people  aged 14- 18 in the Tees Valley.

Now in its 7th year, the Tees Valley Skills Event has engaged with over 12,000 young people to date. Last year’s event seen over 2,000 young people aged 14- 18 from over 35 Tees Valley schools, colleges and learning establishments engage with over 75 exhibitors.

If you are a pupil, ask your school about attending!

Find out more > 



If you’re a service provider in Tees Valley then you can be featured in the Tees Valley Careers Toolkit! Please complete the enquiry form to add your organisations details for schools/ colleges to access your services.